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Monday, September 12, 2011

Our New Office couple and a Sunday in Warsaw

Elder and Sister Peck from the Seattle WA area are here to replace us in the office so after some training they will be great here in the office.
It's a beautiful Fall Sunday morning and I am out in front of our Apartment waiting for our Office Elders to pick me up for Church. Ross has already been there since 6:30 this morning in meetings. We are going early so we can be at the Missionary corralation meeting this morning at 8:30am. I couldn't resist taking a couple pictures of this apartment balcony. Some of those that live on top even have trees planted on theirs in big pots. This is as close as most people get to yards. There are many parks in Warsaw where people bring their dogs, kids, etc.

This is Elder Sheridan, on time as usual with his companion, Elder Johnson, who has already moved to the back seat so I can sit in front. These are great guys and we couldn't run the office without them.

Our meeting is almost ready to start, as soon as the District leaders get there. On the left is Elder Hillyard and his companion, Elder Dabrowski. Next to Ross is Sister Bailey with her companion, Sister Jones. In the back row is Jerzego Kasperkiego, a journalist and a brilliant man with a photographic memory and a powerful testimony. He is the Branch mission leader.

Now we add Elder Fritzsch in the back with Elder Johnson, and Elder Sheridan. Elder Davis is next to the sisters.

In the last several months we have had 4 American families move into our Branch. Our Branch has really become an international Branch.

Above are Mark and Jackie Pickett who moved here from Houstan Texas, He is with Marathon Oil. Jackie has been teaching Institute to the YSAs with me and is so great to work with. Mark was Ross's counselor in the Branch Prsidency but the Elder's Quorum needed him more.

This is Andrew and Seija Staples and their family. He is with the Embassy here and is here for 2 years. Seija is the YW president as we now have 4 YW, 2 Polish and 2 American.

Andrew and Deborah Hendrian were visiting Warsaw for and doing some Family History here as his family comes from Poland. We would sure love to keep them. It turns out they live within a mile from my brother Gib and Mary, his wife.

This cute family is The Armstrong family minus the dad who was traveling on business. They, also, are with the Embassy and here for 2 years. Between the Staples and the Armstrongs we have doubledd the size of Primary and started a Young Men's and Young Women's program. The kids go to an American school here.

Here is the Boudwin family. Ryan Boudwin and his wife have a three year old and are expecting in November. He is here on a Fullbright scholorship for 3years.

One of the things we do in the Branch is every 2nd Sunday we have a Linger Longer with great food.

I got to take pictures of many of my favorite people. Below is Dorota (YSA) on the right and Karolina (YW presidency)on the left.

Kasia, Aleks, and Dorota are catching up and enjoying some of the food.

You should have seen the dessert table.

Ellie Hoyland is from England and is teaching at the English school. She is our Choir director and teaches our Seminary during Sunday School. She has five in her class and also those that are too young for Seminary come too as there is no Sunday School class for them.

It's so nice to be able to visit with the members. We don't often get time to do that as many members come from a good distance and on the Metro so time for visiting is limited.

Our Elders are always hungrey and love the Linger-longers. Here is Elder Sheridan, Elder Johnson, and Elder Fritszch.

Elder Dabrowski andd Elder Fritzsch. Elder Dabrowski has family here in Warsaw, his parents are in California. He is the only member in his family.

Sister Jones and Sister Bailey are great. Sister Jones has a great infectious laugh and she and Sister Bailey really work hard and always have a great spirit about them.

The group below are from varied places. Dennis on the left is from the Congo, Marcia and Michaelle are from Haiti and Nicholas is from South Africa. Dennis speaks fluent French as well as Polish and English, Michelle and Michaelle speak french and almost no english or polish. They are here on scholorships. So Dennis translates for them.

After much eating, socializing, and enjoying one another's company. Everyone

went away happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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